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Privacy :


Taking care of users' privacy is very important for Dublee   . In this article, you will learn how to store information and use it in the dubbing and dubbing application.


Data collection :


The information you record directly in the Dublee:

Some of the information that you record directly in Dublee is:

Profile image : This image can be your real image or your unreal image.

Name: It can be your real name or your nickname.

Username: It could be your real name or your nickname.

Email: Your email address.

Biography: It is a custom text that is displayed in your profile to introduce you.

Password: English letters in uppercase and lowercase with signs like! @ #.

Social network address: Your profile address on various social networks such as Instagram, Telegram, etc.

Website address: The address of your website that ends with .com - .ir - .org and so on.

IP and network connections: Dublee saves your IP to better display the ads and clips you want.

Device Language: Dublee first saves the active language information on your mobile device to display the content you need .

Android ID: To limit the number of registrations for Android ID, your device will be stored in a Dublee.


Items that you save to Dublee when working with Dublee:

Sound: To perform dubbing and voice acting operations, your voice is recorded on selected clips by you and then stored on Dublee Servers.

Duplicate clip: After performing the dubbing and voice acting operation by the user and pressing the release button, your clip will be sent for review and processing in Dublee and then will be published in the Dublee application.

Accessibility that Dublee receives from you:

Memory Card Access: To save clips to your mobile phone by Dublee, you need to grant the Memory Card access permission to the Dublee app. This access is also used to place your profile picture.

Microphone Accessibility: To perform dubbing and recording your voice with Dublee, you need to grant permission to access the microphone to the Dublee app.

Camera: To create a user profile picture in the Dublee App, you need to grant permission to access the Camera to the Dublee App.


data usage :

It is obvious that Dublee will use the above information and accesses only to run the application properly and will not disclose the above information and accesses except in judicial and legal cases.